Smart Healthcare Wristband and Fitness Tracker

Key Features

  • • Digital Health Band with Hourly, Daily, Weekly Tracking
    • Fitness Monitor Mode Counts Steps, Distance and Calories
    • Heartbeat Monitor, Blood Pressure Watch, Sleep Tracker, Blood Oxygen Levels
    • Bluetooth Push Notifications from Mobile Phones for Calls and Texts or Alarms / Reminders
    • 20 Days of Battery Dependent on Use, Easy USB Recharge


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The AUDAR KERi is a smart health watch for vital sign tracking with a small, sleek rectangular digital watch face. This saves space and weight compared to a traditional circular or square watch. The KERi is designed to be comfortable 24/7 and subtle, so that you can access the data you need without any extra fuss.
The KERi measures the full array of AUDAR vital signs such as heart rate via the heartbeat monitor or manual ECG monitor; Blood pressure split across both diastolic and systolic measurements; Blood Oxygen in percentage; Sleep data which shows your deep and shallow sleeping hours and finally fatigue, which is a cumulative measurement using data from the rest to give a general overview of energy use.

Heart Health Band

Many of the KERis metrics and measurements contribute to a comprehensive overview of your heart health. From the heartbeat monitor taking hourly recordings (Or many more if activated manually) to the in-depth ECG monitor and even information on Blood. These all help you identify moments of high fatigue and understand how your body is reacting to certain exercises, walks, events or chores.

Fitness and Sports Mode

Using the dedicated fitness monitor you can track cardio sessions more accurately and build up your routes / routines to improve over time. You can identify routes which take more energy out of you thanks to the step count, distance and calorie burn data. Use this information to create balanced, helpful workouts

Sleep Watch Wristband

Departing from the circular watch face of the E1 enables the KERi to be lighter and more subtle. This, in turn, makes it comfortable to wear as a sleep tracker overnight. The AUDAR data will be separated in to deep and shallow sleep, showing you how well you slept. By comparing how many hours of each type you are getting you can adjust your sleep schedule and improve your energy levels.

Built for Every Day Use

The lighter construction and intuitive display both contribute to making the KERi our easiest-to-use vital sign wristband. The battery life is also incredibly efficient and lasts longer due to the smaller screen. On medium brightness with automatic measurements every hour the KERi can last up to a week, or 20 days when less measurements or lower brightness are used!

Highly Compatible and Intuitive Design

The KERi connects in moments with Bluetooth 4.2 to Android 4.4+ or Apple iOS 8.2+ devices. The Waterproof IP67 rating makes the watch suitable for all situations so you don’t have to worry about the weather. The LCD display is full-colour with tap controls making it both clear and simple to use. Finally, the “find my phone”, selfie gesture controls and app reminders all make the KERi more engaged in your day-to-day routine.


0.96 inch IPS TFT, Colour LCD Screen, 160*80 pixels, Single Touch
Bluetooth Version V4.2BLE
Heart Sensor PixArt PAH8001
Battery Type Li-polymer Battery 180mAh
Working Time Up to 20 Days
Standby Time Up to 30 Days
Charging Time About 2 Hours
Strap Material TPU
Protection Level IP67
Net Weight 30g
Dimensions 26x 22 x 14mm
Can you make and receive calls?
The KERi cannot actively make or take calls itself. The KERi is first and foremost a wellbeing watch. It will notify you of calls and other notifications, and display information about the caller/message. To combine the health benefits with hands-free calling you can purchase our top-seller, the EP800 Earbuds to take calls entirely through tapping the earbuds.

Will this fit on x size wrist?
The KERi measures 258mm in length from the end of the strap, through the watch, the other end of the strap. The strap is adjustible to fit smaller wrists.