Smart ECG Healthcare Wristband and Fitness Tracker

Key Features

  • • Everyday Fitness Tracker for Digital Healthcare Overview
    • Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, ECG, Sleep Tracker and Workout Tracker
    • IP67 Waterproof and Dust / Sand-proof
    • CareMate Data Sharing for Elderly / Vulnerable People
    • Working Time Up to 10 Days in 2 Hour Charge


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The EMBi Smart Health Watch refines the technology, removing the large watch face in favour of a more fitness tracker bracelet design. The thin face and light weight make EMBi perfect for commutes, workouts and cardio as well as making the EMBi nicer to wear in bed to track sleeping.
These features track day-in day-out so you can build a comprehensive view of your health status over the weeks!

Please Note: ECG measurements are more accurate and informative than a simple heart rate watch but must be taken manually. The passive heart rate monitor will not supply the same data as a manual ECG scan.

All data received via the EMBi is for personal reference for lifestyle changes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Do not begin medication, cease medication or otherwise change a prescribed course of action from your GP or Doctor.

24 Hour Heart Monitor

The EMBi is designed for everyday use, shown in many of its features like the battery and weight. Mainly, this philosophy shines through in the passive data collection we engineered in to the bracelet. Heart rate and more can be automated and collected throughout the day to create a complete overview of your vitals

Sleep Tracker and Blood Pressure Band

The EMBi is more than a heart rate monitor watch, and can passively collect Blood Pressure data, too. To further extend the 24-hour design the EMBi also features sleep tracking! This will tell you your hours of light and deep sleep, to help you work out your best sleeping habits

Gym Workout Tracker and Cardio Watch

The design of the EMBi lends itself to sports, so the dedicated cardio / workout tracker mode will be of great use. Track calories burnt, steps taken and even GPS routes for runs and hikes. The Health Wristband is IP67 which makes it sweatproof for those long days out and intense sessions beating personal bests

Long-Lasting Everyday Health Wristband

The battery life offers up to 10 days of use (Depending on manual measurement frequency, exercise mode use and other Bluetooth features) from a short 2-hour charge with the included USB charger. The port is smartly hidden in the base of the wristband under the strap! Up to a month of standby time

Phone Notifications and Controls

The Bluetooth connection facilitates push notifications about phone calls, texts and more. Be notified subtly with your wristband and know whether to dig out your phone. The wristband doesn’t feature microphone and input for texts. However, you can control your camera via gesture for easy group shots and selfies

Screen 0.96 inch IPS TFT, Colour LCD Screen, 160*80 pixels, Single Touch
Bluetooth Version V4.2BLE
Battery Type Li-polymer Battery 105 mAh
Working Time Up to 10 Days
Standby Time Up to 20 Days
Charging Time About 2 Hours
Strap Material TPU
Protection Level IP67
Net Weight 26g
Does Blood Pressure Measure Automatically or Manually?
Both functions can be accessed. Either set up a regular automatic check and review the data (Once every half an hour for example) or manually check whenever you need an on-the-spot reading

Why Can I Not Read ECG?
 For an accurate reading please ensure the contact point is used on clean, moisturised skin as particulates can interrupt the scan

Why is my device not charging?
Please ensure you have correctly placed the watch. The side on which you use the ECG reader is the charging contact point. When charging the watch will buzz to make sure you have correctly placed the device

Are they safe to wear with a difibrillator? (Or other medical device)
While the E1 should not impact pacemakers, defibrillators and such devices always seek the advice of your doctor when adding a new device to your daily routine. Do not use the E1 without the express permission of your doctor if you have internal medical devices.