Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker Hands-Free

Key Features

  • • On-Board Controls Keep Your Phone Safe and Dry
    • 10m Range Bluetooth Speaker Connection to Tablets, Phone, PC
    • IPX5 Waterproof (Do Not Submerge)
    • Suction Mount for Bathroom Tiles or Shower Cubicle Glass
    • Microphone and Speakers for Phone Calls Safely Hands-Free


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The MS430 waterproof shower speaker provides a simple, all-in-one way to sing your heart out in the shower or slip into meditative bliss in the bath. Add high-quality stereo audio to bathrooms, kitchens and other areas prone to condensation or water. The MS430 attaches or rests freely so you can use the portable speaker anywhere. Perfect for campervans and holidays or as a permanent fixture at home.

High Quality Convenient Bluetooth

The MS430 uses Bluetooth 4.2 to carry good quality audio from your mobile, tablet, PC or other Bluetooth transmission. Keep your devices safe and dry by using the 10m Bluetooth range. We made sure you can still control all your music and calls using the speaker itself, thanks to the control dial.

Stereo Speaker Units Anywhere

The portable speaker contains two separate driver units. One 100mm driver and one 60mm driver work together to bring directional, stereo audio to your home. Revel in deep, authentic audio and enjoy at high or low volumes at will. Maximum volume without distortion is 82dB!

Multifunction Control Dial

The speaker itself has a multifunctional control dial / button which allows you to skip tracks, pause playback, take calls and change volumes. This means you can keep your phone away and still freely change settings

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The speaker charges via micro-USB cable provided and is ready to go in under 3 hours. This charging time provides up to 11 hours of use! Enough for a week of use with just a top-up at the weekends thanks to the 150-hour standby battery time. The speaker saves charge for when you really need it, so you can set it up with minimal interference.
Please Note: When charging the MS430 or using an AUX In cable connection please remove the MS430 from the wall / glass and place in a dry, room-temperature location. The charging cables and inputs may compromise the waterproofing and may not match the IPX5 rating of the speaker itself.

Portable and Adaptable

The MS430 can be attached to the wall or left free-standing to be as flexible as you need it to be. The whole unit is just 220 grams and 10cm x 10cm with a depth of 6.5cm. Pack away in a suitcase, carry easily from room to room or deploy with the suction mount in a ceiling corner to add a subtle, sleek audio device to your home which doesn’t look out of place.
Bluetooth Profile V4.2 HSP V1.2, HFP V1.5, A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.0
Range Up to 10m
Power Input DC5V Micro USB
Internal Battery 3.7V/2500mA Li-polymer Battery
Working Time Up to 12 Hours
Charging Time Under 3 Hours
Dimensions 100x100x65mm
Weight 220g