Small Bluetooth Speaker in the Car or Desk with Mobile Phone Speaker

Key Features

  • • Small and Loud Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Pairing
    • Compatible with Android, Apple and PC as well as Bluetooth Transmitters
    • Hand-Held Design with Premium 40mm Driver Units
    • 3.5mm AUX Wired Speaker Backup Option
    • Fully Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with 5+ Hour Battery



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The MS425 is made to be a splash of colour and bust of sound to upgrade and enhance audio from mobile phones. The portability and small size are complimented by loud 40mm driver units to create a mix of volume and subtlety to use at home, at work or on holidays and road trips.
The 5+ hour battery (Dependent on volume and cable use) is perfect for putting the speaker in the car or on a desk and the 3.5mm AUX port allows even more playback. The MS425 also has a microphone with speaker so you can take calls in real time from your phone hands-free.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker in the Car

The MS425 is a cylindrical speaker unit just 6 x 6 cm with a depth of 6cm! The handheld design ensures you can take the speaker anywhere and the mini portable speaker is always by your side ready to go. You can pop the speaker in the car, either in the back for passengers to enjoy and DJ with or up in the cockpit for hands-free phone calls on the go.

Mobile Phone Speaker Upgrade

By using the Bluetooth connection with a smartphone like Android or iOS you can passthrough calls and media audio to the speaker. This means you can take a call and talk naturally without having to hold the phone up to your ear or even find where it is!
Using a speaker for phone externally like this increases your music and audio quality drastically as internal speakers are much smaller and will sound “tinny”. With the MS425 you don’t lose access to calls when you listen to music through apps like Spotify or YouTube.

Engineered to be Loud Bluetooth Speaker

Despite the small size and pop appearance, the MS425 has a kick when you need it. Offering 40mm driver units which can support clear audio up to 80dB you can sing your heart out with just this mini portable speaker.
Volumes above 80dB may be achievable but will “peak” the speaker and cause distortion. For best results use at ~40dB.

Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Connection

The pairing process is simple thanks to Bluetooth. Enable your device’s Bluetooth and scan for the MS425 while it is in pairing mode. Confirm the connection and audio will be sent wirelessly automatically! The speaker will stay connected up to 10 meters away so you can happily set up for lunch on a road trip or wander from your sofa at home without worrying about instant disconnects

Colour Options Available

To make sure the MS425 could truly be useful to everyone we have made a range of colours. Whether you want a splash of bright hot pink or need a more subdued camo green, the MS425 range is full of diversity

Bluetooth Profile Version 4.1
Range Up to 10m
SNR 80dB
Power Input DC5V
Internal Battery 3.7V/600mA Li-polymer Battery
Working Time Up to 5
Charging Time About 1.5 hours
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 cm
Weight 230 Grams

How Do I Switch the Paired Device?

A: If the MS425 has been paired to a device it will auto-reconnect. To force the MS425 to switch device, hold the Play/Pause button until the LED flashes