15W Wireless Multiroom Speaker with Smart Alexa Voice Service

Key Features

  • • Alexa Voice Service System
    • High Quality Sound -
    • Premium Build and Appearance
    • Eight-Hour Battery Life
    • Wireless & 3.5mm Connection


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Alexa Voice Service
Hey Alexa…Control your Venus using Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service System. Tap the Microphone on the centre of the Device to find about the News and Weather, play your favourite Music, or set a reminder.

Superior Sound Quality
With its dual 7.5-watt Acoustic Drivers and frequency response of 50Hz-20KHz, the Venus will stream High Quality Stereo Sound. Connect to the ‘August A-Link’ App on Android or iOS, and enjoy your Music from your favourite Streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal.
Premium Build Quality
The Speaker is made with High Quality Material to ensure durability, whilst also looking stylish and elegant. Compact, it can be moved around the House, or taken with you to any location.
Excellent Battery Life
A full Charge can deliver around Eight Hours of Playback. Battery Life does depend on frequency of use, and Connection Mode.

Wireless and 3.5mm Connection
The Venus can be connected either via Wireless Fidelity, Bluetooth or through a provided 3.5mm Audio Cable.
  • Venus Speaker
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
Product Code: 505304700853